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I first came to Arashi in 2014, and decided that because I have a love of anime idols, I decided to do a female version of each member, and form them all in a group called Akashi (the preferred kanji I used is 明石, meaning Bright Stone). So here are the members. Their personal life is a bit different, and so are their personalities and hobbies.

Name: Ohno Satomi (大野智美)
Nicknames: Tomomi, Ohno-san, Riida, Captain (by Setsuna)
Age: 18
Birthday: January 26th
Member Color: Blue
Hometown: Mitaka, Tokyo
-Drawing (She especially likes to draw sea animals)
-Sleeping (Sometimes, when she gets bored)
Fave Animals: Cats and sea turtles (and maybe fishes XD)
Personality: Satomi cares for the other Akashi members, and loves them a lot. She gets interested in conversations at a late time, which makes her quiet at first, but then talkable (this especially comes when she is talking to either Kanade or Junko!). She appreciates that people call her talented because she is good at singing, dancing and drawing, but is very bad at playing music instruments, especially the piano. Her highest note is a B5 and she dances very well in ballet, hip-hop, jazz and salsa. She doesn't like being called leader, as she is not that leader-type.

Name: Sakurai Setsuna (樱井刹那)
Nicknames: Setsu-chan, Sakurai-san, Riida (by Satomi)
Age: 17
Birthday: April 25th
Member Color: Red
Hometown: Minato, Tokyo
-Playing sports (she especially likes soccer!)
-Learning English
-Writing (especially songs)
Fave Animals: Any kind of pet. However, she hates snakes!
Personality: Setsuna is well known as Akashi's rapper, and likes to do 'rap-writing' when she writes the rap of each song. She is also a leader-type, but Satomi often calls her Leader. Setsuna is very smart, and does well in her school tests, and likes studying a lot. She enjoys playing sports as well, which makes her a tomboy. Her fashion is quite interesting, as been said by the other members. She is also very talented in piano, and is also good in English, and likes talking to foreigners.

Name: Aiba Masayo (相葉雅代)
Nicknames: Aiba-chan, Aiba-san
Age: 17
Birthday: March 24th
Member Color: Green
Hometown: Chiba, Tokyo
-Creating games
-Exploring animals
Fave Animals: She likes every animal, except for tigers and kangaroos
Personality: Masayo is a energetic and very funny. She is sometimes a pervert but however likes creating fun and silly games! Her English is quite confusing, according to Setsuna, and often says Engurish quotes such as "Very very danger!" and "What's up? Yeah!". She often bounces around during concerts, which make the audience have a good time.

Name: Ninomiya Kanade (二宫奏)
Nicknames: Ninomiya-san, Kana (by Junko)
Age: 16
Birthday: July 17th
Member Color: Yellow
Hometown: Katsushika, Tokyo
-Playing the guitar and piano
-Video games
Fave Animals: She somehow likes puppies, because of their eyes being similar.
Personality: Kanade is a girl from a cheap family who often give her money, which she feels grateful about. She rarely leaves home during the weekends and plays video games instead, while Satomi taking good care of her. Kanade is the bully of the team, and likes to tease people, especially Masayo, and also likes to smirk, and is the stingiest member of the group. Kanade is been treated as the youngest, as she seems to have an aggressive and bratty side. Kanade is talented in playing the guitar, and often performs her solo songs in concerts, however she also performs with a piano. Like Satomi, she has a good voice.

Name: Matsumoto Junko (松本潤子)
Nicknames: MatsuJunko, Jun-chan (by Satomi)
Age: 16
Birthday: September 30th
Member Color: Purple
Hometown: Toshima, Tokyo
-Creating music
Fave Animals: She likes every animal, however hates insects for 'skincare reasons'
Personality: Junko is the fashionable member of the group. She is kind-hearted, aloof, and sensitive, and has good words of gratitude. Even though she is the youngest of the group, she is very protective of the members, much like her good friend Satomi, who she mostly cares for. She is also mischievous, and is somehow a tsundere. Her apperance is known to others as a 'natural beauty', and many people, including fans are crushing on her.

So that's all of them! What do you think of them?
My opinion is that they are all so cute!I ship Juntomi alot now currently, I mean, they are the female OC version of my OTP.

So this is all I have for today! Hope everyone has a great day!
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