May. 14th, 2016

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So I got 7/10 in both of the Eurovision semi-final predictions, which is nice. However I have the final to go to! It's going to be tricky!
So the final prediction is this, however currently I have highlighted the winner, second and third place.
1) Spain
2) Russia
3) France
4) Australia
5) Norway
6) Azerbaijan
7) Austria
8) Israel
9) Cyprus
10) Malta
11) Latvia
12) Croatia
13) Serbia
14) Italy
15) Czech Republic
16) Germany
17) Poland
18) Bulgaria
19) Lithuania
20) Sweden
21) Armenia
22) Ukraine
23) Hungary
24) UK
25) Netherlands
26) Belgium
27) Georgia

First of all, this was a shock for me because I didn't like Jamala's voice. However, I felt guitly, and wanted to aplogeze to the Ukrainan people. This is my opinion at first, however I wanted to congratulate you all :) After 12 years you deserved it again!
However I am also happy because back in 2014, people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and maybe Armenia (cos of artist's bullying on Conchita) banning to let their people watch Conchita Wurst of Austria perform. But however, they have been rejected. But this caused some people to boo at Russia, Belarus, Armenia and maybe Ukraine. When I first heard this I was shocked, and wanted to find out who did this. However, that happened again at the 60th anniversairy tribute show and in the 2015 show, and it made me realize that:
That only happened with Russia in the 2015 show, since Belarus and Armenia forgived her, and Ukraine wasn't there, which was a good thing that they returned this year and slamed it. Then I started to realize not all of the fans out there have booed.
It was the fans of this drag queen, we call #unstoppables.

I would say it  that I was a #unstoppable, but I was a netural #unstoppable, and cared on being a ultra Arashian. I didn't know the life of a #unstoppable when I went to Livejournal on MatsuJun's b-day to meet you guys, but when I founded out these #unstoppables were the curse of them booing at Russia that year, I decided to announce that "I'm not a #unstoppable anymore, because these guys cursed Eurovision. We as Eurovision fans need to stop this!"

I first suggested that these people who will boo for Russia might get arrested and will consider theirsleves as #stoppables. But when I found out people were cheering for Russia this year, and I screamed and cried at their response. These Russian people deserved to not get booed, but to cheer. I yelled TAKE THAT #UNSTOPPABLES! when I got to my house and had happy dreams. Then it was the semi final 2, and I was pretty netural. Pretty netural until today when I found out Ukraine won. Russia came third with cheers and there was no booing at all, not even when people were watching on the TV!

After realizing that Ukraine has also banned Conchita's performance, I realized that the this era has ended. We have ended the Unstoppable era, with a unstoppable defeat of Russia having cheers and Ukraine winning the title. This is a new era now. The Unstoopable era has gone, long live the new era! These #unstoppables are stoppable and we have defeated them as becoming the new unstoppable team! Which means after being a #unstoppable until the end of 2015, I am unstoppable from May 2016 onwards! YAY! I AM TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE AFTER ALL!

By the way, I am not a hater of these fans, and I love Conchita's music, and I have not decided to go against these fans. I want to see how their era has ended. We have come together as one to be unstoppable and defeat the old unstoppables. I will carry on listening to Conchita's music, but will not look up her videos on YouTube, and will stick to other YouTubers. So this is how it will be for me, and I want to say thank you to Jamala, to Sergey Lazarv and his team, to Conchita for not carrying about these Russian people from 2015 onwards, and your 2014 girl has cared about the discrimation and to all of you for supporting Russia and Ukraine this year. That is what makes you #unstoppable, and not those people who booed for Russia last year.

So that's all, and hope everyone has a great day! (I'm totally gulity about my hate about these fans now TT.TT)


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