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So I was inspired by this: to create this. (Read this first before anything else).

And I don't own the WWE.

Meimei was this young girl who read this post when studying at school. As a young 13-year old loving every single thing of the WWE itself and finding the fans irritating; she would think about reading this.
But there was one problem- she cannot speak English. She then translated the post in her national language, Chinese.

She was then shocked, and then sighed with sadness. She cannot believe it. She don't want to tell anyone about this.

She hasn't been a Roman Reigns fan but was impressed with his wrestling skills. When he retired the Undertaker, she didn't expect that. She thought Undertaker will win, as he worked with the WWE much longer than Reigns did. She didn't understand why would they boo him.

A tear dripped down her eye and into her arm. It foreshadows when she was in taekwondo, and all of the rest of her classmates cheered for her rival in one match. She was strong and kept going but then when her rival won after a distraction from a classmate. They cheered that the rival was way better than Meimei herself. Meimei cried with tears in her eyes.

But that was just primary school...but she cannot handle the memory.

A thing that stood out to her in the post was the little boy. She imagined herself being in front of the little boy but in the crowd. She will watch his emotions and then will look down. She cannot imagine a child, even a young boy do this when his hero lost.

She was the tuffest out of everyone in the taekwondo. If she came out of the crowd, she would attack everyone who cheered for Strowman, because of the nasty hatred.

After school, she and her best friend Lili were going to the cafe to eat. A businessman sat in a table right next to him. She heard him saying mean things out loud:

"What the heck is the Roman Empire thinking? Haters are gonna hate, bitches!"
"This girl must be too ugly to marry this son of a bitch"

The other people, including Lili were confused. Meimei, who found all of those tweets before, was pissed off. She snatched her chocolate milk, came up to the businessman's table and threw her drink at his face.

"You are stupid! You are the reason why everyone wants Roman to lose at this pay-per-view!" she said while elbowing his eye.

The other people in the cafe were astonished to see this young girl attack a businessman. It reminds them that children can do things men and women can do too.

MeiMei then saw a foreigner girl, younger than her looking at her. The girl was with her father, in the table right next to the businessman. The father stood up, smiling at Meimei.

"What did you do was incredible. I looked at his laptop and felt like I should do that too if I were you. Are you a WWE fan yourself?"

MeiMei didn't understand at first. The father, fluent in Chinese spoke to her. She then nodded and then the man raised her arm. The people at the cafe clapped for MeiMei. LiLi stood up and clapped too. The cafe assitants also clapped too, confusion on their faces.

She cannot wait to tell Mom and Dad. She honestly cannot wait.
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