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Hello dreamwidith ppl, and to those people from LJ I knew and love <3
So a introduction about me:

My name is Alex, but people call me Euro-chan. I am from Hong Kong, and I am 14 years old, turning 15 in June!

So about my interests and what I do in this post:

Main Interests:

I'm an Arashian at first, been an Arashian since 2014! My favourite song from them is Mada Minu Sekai E, the second being a tie between...lots of them, hahahaha

My ichiban is Ohno Satoshi, aka Riida- his charm of dancing, singing are cool and his smile is cute!

My niban is Matsumoto Jun, aka MatsuJun- I like that he has so many talents and he is very pretty
And I also love the pair of Juntoshi, my OTP!

I'm a Seventeen CARAT as well, been a Seventeen carat ever since 2016. I listened to Very Nice before I got to know them through vines.

My ichiban is my angel Jeonghan-oppa <3, I love his hair designs and how he charms me so much!

My niban is Vernonie <3, he's so cute and I love his bad boy image. I don't have any OTPs from them though I like Jeonghan and Vernon together.

I'm a WWE fan too, and I am a Shield girl! I have been a WWE fan since early 2016, and I have been a fan of The Shield ever since late 2016. I cannot pick a favourite between all those three men because of how awesome they wrestle but I have a slight more love towards Seth and Roman because of their hair and how charming they are.

Other Music:
I also like to listen to Hello Project! music, which includes Morning Musume, ANGREME and C-ute.
I also like listening to Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco too.

Other Hobbies: I also like to watch YouTube, play games (SLITHER.IO at its best!), dance and sing. I also like to watch Eurovision.

My posts will be all about blogs and fanfics (and maybe recaps of albums and such). I'm doing a big fanfic featuring all Arashi and Seventeen members, and also one fanfic with an OC and The Shield :)
Request me to do any fanfics, I'll be fine!

So that's all, see you soon
From your kitty cat, Euro-chan
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