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Today I'm going to do the start of an Arashi contest that I am planning to do, which is a fashion contest! So the structure is you pick some clothes for each Arashi member and I'll pick the best for each member and the winner which is the best. The winner will be sketched by me!
-Do all five of Arashi members
-Do only a collage of each of their clothes and accessories together in one page.
(Look at this for inspiration (this is for a Disney princess contest)):

-And it has to be a collection of clothes that the members haven't wear, so no song/concert clothes, magazine covers/pages or the mannequins from Himitsu no Arashi-chan.

So yeah, since this is the first time I'm doing this, I'm going to go with two rounds instead of one! I will choose the best of each member within those two rounds, but there will be the best of each round, so there will be two winners!

The first round is a fashion collection for if Arashi were girls, so I want you to think of what will they look like if they were the opposite sex. What are they going to wear as their casual clothing? What will their accessories look like?
(Bonus)- do a collage version of all five of them in one of their concert outfits or song outfits in a girly version, but please say the name of the song so we can know.
Due date: 12th of March

The second and last round is a fashion collection for your favourite solo of each member, so I want you to think of what would you like to wear for them if they perform it next time. The song has to fit the theme of the solo you chosen for each member, so please choose wisely, because I'll ask some questions based on that....
Due date: 19th of March

How do you post it?: You will post both of them in a post of yours or post one by one, saying this is Round One or Round Two. Please friend me if you are a not a friend of me in LJ so I will friend you back and look at your post(s) for the contest!

So yep, good luck, have fun and sayonara! ZOOM!
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