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Hello dreamwidith ppl, and to those people from LJ I knew and love <3
So a introduction about me:

My name is Alex, but people call me Euro-chan. I am from Hong Kong, and I am 14 years old, turning 15 in June!

So about my interests and what I do in this post:

Main Interests:

I'm an Arashian at first, been an Arashian since 2014! My favourite song from them is Mada Minu Sekai E, the second being a tie between...lots of them, hahahaha

My ichiban is Ohno Satoshi, aka Riida- his charm of dancing, singing are cool and his smile is cute!

My niban is Matsumoto Jun, aka MatsuJun- I like that he has so many talents and he is very pretty
And I also love the pair of Juntoshi, my OTP!

I'm a Seventeen CARAT as well, been a Seventeen carat ever since 2016. I listened to Very Nice before I got to know them through vines.

My ichiban is my angel Jeonghan-oppa <3, I love his hair designs and how he charms me so much!

My niban is Vernonie <3, he's so cute and I love his bad boy image. I don't have any OTPs from them though I like Jeonghan and Vernon together.

I'm a WWE fan too, and I am a Shield girl! I have been a WWE fan since early 2016, and I have been a fan of The Shield ever since late 2016. I cannot pick a favourite between all those three men because of how awesome they wrestle but I have a slight more love towards Seth and Roman because of their hair and how charming they are.

Other Music:
I also like to listen to Hello Project! music, which includes Morning Musume, ANGREME and C-ute.
I also like listening to Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco too.

Other Hobbies: I also like to watch YouTube, play games (SLITHER.IO at its best!), dance and sing. I also like to watch Eurovision.

My posts will be all about blogs and fanfics (and maybe recaps of albums and such). I'm doing a big fanfic featuring all Arashi and Seventeen members, and also one fanfic with an OC and The Shield :)
Request me to do any fanfics, I'll be fine!

So that's all, see you soon
From your kitty cat, Euro-chan
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Hey guys!
I wanted to do a little competition to see who does really good covering an Arashi song! So, as for homework, go to YouTube and find some Arashi covers, and it can be either one of those three things:
-Singing cover
-Dancing cover
-Insturmental cover (like a piano cover, gutiar cover)

You can enter two or three nominess, and then we will vote on the best from each category! So without further ado, I like to nominee these two videos!:

First of all, doing PARADOX is Ms Cuca (youtube account: 3u10), from Kagawa! She is one out of four of my dream 13th generation members for the girl group Morning Musume because she can bust a move. Even though her singing is off-key sometimes, especially in this video, but she dances good!

And last, but not the least, doing a own dance to Boom Boom is Christian, Desmond, Kris, Roger and Arisa. The video is founded on Christian's channel ShiroAM48. Their moves are very synchorized and is good with the timing.

Let's see which ones you have found and admired!
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That's Nino, dating Toma-kun....

And that's Sho, trying to entertain her....

With some help of his friends (aka, the backdancers) Aiba, Ohno and Jun...

Sho does a little dance...

Which makes Nino interested...

Sho lends Nino a hand...

Which Nino holds...

He tells Toma to get another guy girl, with a peace sign...

While Toma is like "Ah hell no!"

And fellow Sakumiya shippers will be like:

"Kya~ I hope they go to heaven!!"

"Kya~ I hope they 'make love' in that place!"



"These guys better be right..."

And that's all. Now I am gonna die of laughter
Hope everyone has a great day!
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I first came to Arashi in 2014, and decided that because I have a love of anime idols, I decided to do a female version of each member, and form them all in a group called Akashi (the preferred kanji I used is 明石, meaning Bright Stone). So here are the members. Their personal life is a bit different, and so are their personalities and hobbies.

Name: Ohno Satomi (大野智美)
Nicknames: Tomomi, Ohno-san, Riida, Captain (by Setsuna)
Age: 18
Birthday: January 26th
Member Color: Blue
Hometown: Mitaka, Tokyo
-Drawing (She especially likes to draw sea animals)
-Sleeping (Sometimes, when she gets bored)
Fave Animals: Cats and sea turtles (and maybe fishes XD)
Personality: Satomi cares for the other Akashi members, and loves them a lot. She gets interested in conversations at a late time, which makes her quiet at first, but then talkable (this especially comes when she is talking to either Kanade or Junko!). She appreciates that people call her talented because she is good at singing, dancing and drawing, but is very bad at playing music instruments, especially the piano. Her highest note is a B5 and she dances very well in ballet, hip-hop, jazz and salsa. She doesn't like being called leader, as she is not that leader-type.

Name: Sakurai Setsuna (樱井刹那)
Nicknames: Setsu-chan, Sakurai-san, Riida (by Satomi)
Age: 17
Birthday: April 25th
Member Color: Red
Hometown: Minato, Tokyo
-Playing sports (she especially likes soccer!)
-Learning English
-Writing (especially songs)
Fave Animals: Any kind of pet. However, she hates snakes!
Personality: Setsuna is well known as Akashi's rapper, and likes to do 'rap-writing' when she writes the rap of each song. She is also a leader-type, but Satomi often calls her Leader. Setsuna is very smart, and does well in her school tests, and likes studying a lot. She enjoys playing sports as well, which makes her a tomboy. Her fashion is quite interesting, as been said by the other members. She is also very talented in piano, and is also good in English, and likes talking to foreigners.

Name: Aiba Masayo (相葉雅代)
Nicknames: Aiba-chan, Aiba-san
Age: 17
Birthday: March 24th
Member Color: Green
Hometown: Chiba, Tokyo
-Creating games
-Exploring animals
Fave Animals: She likes every animal, except for tigers and kangaroos
Personality: Masayo is a energetic and very funny. She is sometimes a pervert but however likes creating fun and silly games! Her English is quite confusing, according to Setsuna, and often says Engurish quotes such as "Very very danger!" and "What's up? Yeah!". She often bounces around during concerts, which make the audience have a good time.

Name: Ninomiya Kanade (二宫奏)
Nicknames: Ninomiya-san, Kana (by Junko)
Age: 16
Birthday: July 17th
Member Color: Yellow
Hometown: Katsushika, Tokyo
-Playing the guitar and piano
-Video games
Fave Animals: She somehow likes puppies, because of their eyes being similar.
Personality: Kanade is a girl from a cheap family who often give her money, which she feels grateful about. She rarely leaves home during the weekends and plays video games instead, while Satomi taking good care of her. Kanade is the bully of the team, and likes to tease people, especially Masayo, and also likes to smirk, and is the stingiest member of the group. Kanade is been treated as the youngest, as she seems to have an aggressive and bratty side. Kanade is talented in playing the guitar, and often performs her solo songs in concerts, however she also performs with a piano. Like Satomi, she has a good voice.

Name: Matsumoto Junko (松本潤子)
Nicknames: MatsuJunko, Jun-chan (by Satomi)
Age: 16
Birthday: September 30th
Member Color: Purple
Hometown: Toshima, Tokyo
-Creating music
Fave Animals: She likes every animal, however hates insects for 'skincare reasons'
Personality: Junko is the fashionable member of the group. She is kind-hearted, aloof, and sensitive, and has good words of gratitude. Even though she is the youngest of the group, she is very protective of the members, much like her good friend Satomi, who she mostly cares for. She is also mischievous, and is somehow a tsundere. Her apperance is known to others as a 'natural beauty', and many people, including fans are crushing on her.

So that's all of them! What do you think of them?
My opinion is that they are all so cute!I ship Juntomi alot now currently, I mean, they are the female OC version of my OTP.

So this is all I have for today! Hope everyone has a great day!
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Today I'm going to do the start of an Arashi contest that I am planning to do, which is a fashion contest! So the structure is you pick some clothes for each Arashi member and I'll pick the best for each member and the winner which is the best. The winner will be sketched by me!
-Do all five of Arashi members
-Do only a collage of each of their clothes and accessories together in one page.
(Look at this for inspiration (this is for a Disney princess contest)):

-And it has to be a collection of clothes that the members haven't wear, so no song/concert clothes, magazine covers/pages or the mannequins from Himitsu no Arashi-chan.

So yeah, since this is the first time I'm doing this, I'm going to go with two rounds instead of one! I will choose the best of each member within those two rounds, but there will be the best of each round, so there will be two winners!

The first round is a fashion collection for if Arashi were girls, so I want you to think of what will they look like if they were the opposite sex. What are they going to wear as their casual clothing? What will their accessories look like?
(Bonus)- do a collage version of all five of them in one of their concert outfits or song outfits in a girly version, but please say the name of the song so we can know.
Due date: 12th of March

The second and last round is a fashion collection for your favourite solo of each member, so I want you to think of what would you like to wear for them if they perform it next time. The song has to fit the theme of the solo you chosen for each member, so please choose wisely, because I'll ask some questions based on that....
Due date: 19th of March

How do you post it?: You will post both of them in a post of yours or post one by one, saying this is Round One or Round Two. Please friend me if you are a not a friend of me in LJ so I will friend you back and look at your post(s) for the contest!

So yep, good luck, have fun and sayonara! ZOOM!


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