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I wish everyone a happy MatsuJun day (well yesterday, for some of you)! Please make sure you celebrate(d) with some purple accessories and dance(d) to some MatsuJun songs!

Jun, you were one of my least favourites when I first saw Arashi. But then you grew in my life, and I started to fell in love with what you do. You're so sassy but energetic, and I wanted to be someone who's always happy on stage, like you. You also inspired me when I was around 12 to wear fedoras when we shop outside, and to look more stylish within mascara. Your fashion sense is incredible, and I will always treasure how amazing you look everytime you showed up!

I wish you all the best within my support, my niban. Please celebrate it well, with some drinking...*giggles*. And I hope like always that the other Arashi members will celebrate with you.

Happy Birthday!

And to everyone else, I wish you have a lovely week, and I hope September will bring you luck, like every start of each month.
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Arashi OT5 x OCs, Juntoshi, OC pair

Genre: Fluff


In the 1990s, in Los Angeles, people are currently protesting on both gay and anti-gay rights. So when 5 Japanese transfer male students came and met some fellow students, they didn't know how the public will react after a certain public incident.

Chapter 1:

The bus arrives at a hotel. Very small, it seemed. But Jun, a energetic and young boy, at aged 14, enjoyed the ride. Jun was a short guy, with huge eyes, interesting teeth and neat hair. He was wearing a striped orange shirt with pants. He did nothing during the bus trip, all he just did was looking at the sites of Los Angeles. As from Johnny's Academy, within the city of Tokyo, he never experienced Los Angeles before. Tomorrow, he'll be going to his first day at a school in the US, as a transfer student

Out at the hotel came him, with some other boys. One was tanned and had messy hair. He was tall for his age, at 15. He was wearing a blue football shirt and some shorts, with sneakers. There was another boy, same aged as Jun. He had sunburnt skin, black hair and large black eyes. He had a large jawed face as well, wearing nothing but a blue buttoned dress and some black leather shoes. Then was another boy, same age as the messy haired boy. He had spiky hair and pale skin, and while he was walking, he was spinning a basketball. The last one was a tanned skinned member, he had orange long hair and thin black eyes. He was short, but not as short as Jun. He was the eldest, at 17 years of age.

A old woman with a high bun and a navy cotton dress came to comfort the boys. She knew all of these school students as she was a staff there for many years.

"Alright boys, let's take the register. Aiba Masaki?"

"Here" said the tall messy-haired boy, raising his hand.

"Matsumoto Jun?"

"Right here". Jun replied.

"Ninomiya Kazunari?"

"Uh, hey" said the blue buttoned dressed boy, being annoyed. He was playing on his Tamagotchi, and he doesn't want to be bothered. Jun was there watching him on his shoulder.

"Ohno Satoshi"

"Hi" said the tanned long haired boy, sleepy. He had a long rest during the bus ride, so he was very exhausted to wake up.

"Sakurai Sho?"

"Hey!" the last boy with the spiky hair said, as he winked at the old woman. The old woman chuckled back. He carried on spinning the ball before passing it to Masaki.

"Well then, let's all go to the hotel. I booked a nice room for you all." the old woman said with a smile.

"Did you have your own room?" Masaki said and the old woman nodded. The five men nodded in understanding reply.

"There are two rooms stuck together. There is a room with two beds, and a room with three beds, one that is a bunk bed. I prefer the Year Elevens to sleep in the same room."

The Year Elevens, Masaki and Sho looked at each other and gave a high five to each other, and Masaki giggled. Kazunari, who was next to Masaki sighed and rolled his eyes, and carried on playing Tamagotchi. Jun poked Kazunari's face and Kazunari looked up at him, serious.

"It's nice we got a senpai with us." Jun smiled, shrugging his shoulders.

"Whatever" Kazunari said, and rolled his eyes.

While they were waiting to the reception, Satoshi was looking at the window. He looked outside at a male and a female, middle aged, sharing a peppermint stick, by breaking it. He then looked down, and there was a teenage girl with orange hair and blue eyes and a little girl with pigtails, sucking on a peppermint stick. Satoshi squeezed his eyes as the girls got closer. But then as the little girl bit the middle of the peppermint stick, something fell out. It was the girl's tiny tooth. The little girl started to cry, while Satoshi looks at the floor through the window. He then rushed over outside to the little girl.

"Help! My tooth fell out!"

Satoshi looked at the little girl.

"Can you help her?"

Satoshi was in confusion, but then grabbed his glasses from his jeans. He looked through the floor cracks. At last, he found something white and hard- just like a tooth.

"That's it! Emily Jane, that's your tooth!"

The little girl snatched it and then shook his arm. Jun, who was watching ever since Satoshi ran off, giggled.

"That senpai is cute, right?" Jun said as he smiled. But then, he saw the old woman and his friends leave, so he rushed out to get Satoshi.

"Umm, Ohno-senpai?" he said.

Satoshi looked at him, confused but then shrugged his shoulders while smiling. Satoshi then waved to the little girl and then the teenage girl saw Satoshi run alongside Jun as they go and find their fellow students and teacher.

A few hours later, the five boys were settling in. On the left room, Sho and Masaki were pillow-fighting, on the right side, Kazunari and Jun was watching American Football while Satoshi, who was on the top deck of the bunk bed, the bottom being Kazunari, was reading a Japanese to English translation book. He stared to look at Jun.

"Hey, umm...what's your name?"

Jun looked at him, his face moving upwards to where he is.

"Me? Matsumoto Jun. You're Ohno Satoshi, right?"

"Yes. Anyways, for long food objects, do you prefer bitting it or sucking it with another person?"

"Bitting it. I don't imagine sucking one" Jun said, looking down before smiling to Satoshi. Satoshi dropped his glasses and smiled back, shyly.

"Me too."

-- Note --

So that's all for my new series? Are you looking forward to it?

And "who are those OCs?", might I add?; well, one of them made a cameo. The other three will be introduced in around those next chapters.

And watch out- there's some fluff yaoi and yuri coming. So be prepared!!!


Aug. 27th, 2017 03:14 pm
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how's everyone? i miss you all!
i have a new livejournal account, it's called stormycarat. plz be friends with me!
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So I was inspired by this: to create this. (Read this first before anything else).

And I don't own the WWE.

Meimei was this young girl who read this post when studying at school. As a young 13-year old loving every single thing of the WWE itself and finding the fans irritating; she would think about reading this.
But there was one problem- she cannot speak English. She then translated the post in her national language, Chinese.

She was then shocked, and then sighed with sadness. She cannot believe it. She don't want to tell anyone about this.

She hasn't been a Roman Reigns fan but was impressed with his wrestling skills. When he retired the Undertaker, she didn't expect that. She thought Undertaker will win, as he worked with the WWE much longer than Reigns did. She didn't understand why would they boo him.

A tear dripped down her eye and into her arm. It foreshadows when she was in taekwondo, and all of the rest of her classmates cheered for her rival in one match. She was strong and kept going but then when her rival won after a distraction from a classmate. They cheered that the rival was way better than Meimei herself. Meimei cried with tears in her eyes.

But that was just primary school...but she cannot handle the memory.

A thing that stood out to her in the post was the little boy. She imagined herself being in front of the little boy but in the crowd. She will watch his emotions and then will look down. She cannot imagine a child, even a young boy do this when his hero lost.

She was the tuffest out of everyone in the taekwondo. If she came out of the crowd, she would attack everyone who cheered for Strowman, because of the nasty hatred.

After school, she and her best friend Lili were going to the cafe to eat. A businessman sat in a table right next to him. She heard him saying mean things out loud:

"What the heck is the Roman Empire thinking? Haters are gonna hate, bitches!"
"This girl must be too ugly to marry this son of a bitch"

The other people, including Lili were confused. Meimei, who found all of those tweets before, was pissed off. She snatched her chocolate milk, came up to the businessman's table and threw her drink at his face.

"You are stupid! You are the reason why everyone wants Roman to lose at this pay-per-view!" she said while elbowing his eye.

The other people in the cafe were astonished to see this young girl attack a businessman. It reminds them that children can do things men and women can do too.

MeiMei then saw a foreigner girl, younger than her looking at her. The girl was with her father, in the table right next to the businessman. The father stood up, smiling at Meimei.

"What did you do was incredible. I looked at his laptop and felt like I should do that too if I were you. Are you a WWE fan yourself?"

MeiMei didn't understand at first. The father, fluent in Chinese spoke to her. She then nodded and then the man raised her arm. The people at the cafe clapped for MeiMei. LiLi stood up and clapped too. The cafe assitants also clapped too, confusion on their faces.

She cannot wait to tell Mom and Dad. She honestly cannot wait.
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Hello dreamwidith ppl, and to those people from LJ I knew and love <3
So a introduction about me:

My name is Alex, but people call me Euro-chan. I am from Hong Kong, and I am 14 years old, turning 15 in June!

So about my interests and what I do in this post:

Main Interests:

I'm an Arashian at first, been an Arashian since 2014! My favourite song from them is Mada Minu Sekai E, the second being a tie between...lots of them, hahahaha

My ichiban is Ohno Satoshi, aka Riida- his charm of dancing, singing are cool and his smile is cute!

My niban is Matsumoto Jun, aka MatsuJun- I like that he has so many talents and he is very pretty
And I also love the pair of Juntoshi, my OTP!

I'm a Seventeen CARAT as well, been a Seventeen carat ever since 2016. I listened to Very Nice before I got to know them through vines.

My ichiban is my angel Jeonghan-oppa <3, I love his hair designs and how he charms me so much!

My niban is Vernonie <3, he's so cute and I love his bad boy image. I don't have any OTPs from them though I like Jeonghan and Vernon together.

I'm a WWE fan too, and I am a Shield girl! I have been a WWE fan since early 2016, and I have been a fan of The Shield ever since late 2016. I cannot pick a favourite between all those three men because of how awesome they wrestle but I have a slight more love towards Seth and Roman because of their hair and how charming they are.

Other Music:
I also like to listen to Hello Project! music, which includes Morning Musume, ANGREME and C-ute.
I also like listening to Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco too.

Other Hobbies: I also like to watch YouTube, play games (SLITHER.IO at its best!), dance and sing. I also like to watch Eurovision.

My posts will be all about blogs and fanfics (and maybe recaps of albums and such). I'm doing a big fanfic featuring all Arashi and Seventeen members, and also one fanfic with an OC and The Shield :)
Request me to do any fanfics, I'll be fine!

So that's all, see you soon
From your kitty cat, Euro-chan
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Hey guys!
I wanted to do a little competition to see who does really good covering an Arashi song! So, as for homework, go to YouTube and find some Arashi covers, and it can be either one of those three things:
-Singing cover
-Dancing cover
-Insturmental cover (like a piano cover, gutiar cover)

You can enter two or three nominess, and then we will vote on the best from each category! So without further ado, I like to nominee these two videos!:

First of all, doing PARADOX is Ms Cuca (youtube account: 3u10), from Kagawa! She is one out of four of my dream 13th generation members for the girl group Morning Musume because she can bust a move. Even though her singing is off-key sometimes, especially in this video, but she dances good!

And last, but not the least, doing a own dance to Boom Boom is Christian, Desmond, Kris, Roger and Arisa. The video is founded on Christian's channel ShiroAM48. Their moves are very synchorized and is good with the timing.

Let's see which ones you have found and admired!
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That's Nino, dating Toma-kun....

And that's Sho, trying to entertain her....

With some help of his friends (aka, the backdancers) Aiba, Ohno and Jun...

Sho does a little dance...

Which makes Nino interested...

Sho lends Nino a hand...

Which Nino holds...

He tells Toma to get another guy girl, with a peace sign...

While Toma is like "Ah hell no!"

And fellow Sakumiya shippers will be like:

"Kya~ I hope they go to heaven!!"

"Kya~ I hope they 'make love' in that place!"



"These guys better be right..."

And that's all. Now I am gonna die of laughter
Hope everyone has a great day!
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I just want to say that this is my first birthday celebration and I feel very happy about that because I would like to celebrate it with my LJ friends and my family. I am grateful to meet some amazing friends here and I hope we will share memories within the internet that will last long. And everyone, please hope you will comment down and wish me some birthday greetings. And give me anything, from gifts like photos and videos to fanfics! I will be grateful for anything!

Happy early birthday Nino! Let's try celebrating your b-day on [ profile] darlium_05's post!!!

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So I got 7/10 in both of the Eurovision semi-final predictions, which is nice. However I have the final to go to! It's going to be tricky!
So the final prediction is this, however currently I have highlighted the winner, second and third place.
1) Spain
2) Russia
3) France
4) Australia
5) Norway
6) Azerbaijan
7) Austria
8) Israel
9) Cyprus
10) Malta
11) Latvia
12) Croatia
13) Serbia
14) Italy
15) Czech Republic
16) Germany
17) Poland
18) Bulgaria
19) Lithuania
20) Sweden
21) Armenia
22) Ukraine
23) Hungary
24) UK
25) Netherlands
26) Belgium
27) Georgia

First of all, this was a shock for me because I didn't like Jamala's voice. However, I felt guitly, and wanted to aplogeze to the Ukrainan people. This is my opinion at first, however I wanted to congratulate you all :) After 12 years you deserved it again!
However I am also happy because back in 2014, people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and maybe Armenia (cos of artist's bullying on Conchita) banning to let their people watch Conchita Wurst of Austria perform. But however, they have been rejected. But this caused some people to boo at Russia, Belarus, Armenia and maybe Ukraine. When I first heard this I was shocked, and wanted to find out who did this. However, that happened again at the 60th anniversairy tribute show and in the 2015 show, and it made me realize that:
That only happened with Russia in the 2015 show, since Belarus and Armenia forgived her, and Ukraine wasn't there, which was a good thing that they returned this year and slamed it. Then I started to realize not all of the fans out there have booed.
It was the fans of this drag queen, we call #unstoppables.

I would say it  that I was a #unstoppable, but I was a netural #unstoppable, and cared on being a ultra Arashian. I didn't know the life of a #unstoppable when I went to Livejournal on MatsuJun's b-day to meet you guys, but when I founded out these #unstoppables were the curse of them booing at Russia that year, I decided to announce that "I'm not a #unstoppable anymore, because these guys cursed Eurovision. We as Eurovision fans need to stop this!"

I first suggested that these people who will boo for Russia might get arrested and will consider theirsleves as #stoppables. But when I found out people were cheering for Russia this year, and I screamed and cried at their response. These Russian people deserved to not get booed, but to cheer. I yelled TAKE THAT #UNSTOPPABLES! when I got to my house and had happy dreams. Then it was the semi final 2, and I was pretty netural. Pretty netural until today when I found out Ukraine won. Russia came third with cheers and there was no booing at all, not even when people were watching on the TV!

After realizing that Ukraine has also banned Conchita's performance, I realized that the this era has ended. We have ended the Unstoppable era, with a unstoppable defeat of Russia having cheers and Ukraine winning the title. This is a new era now. The Unstoopable era has gone, long live the new era! These #unstoppables are stoppable and we have defeated them as becoming the new unstoppable team! Which means after being a #unstoppable until the end of 2015, I am unstoppable from May 2016 onwards! YAY! I AM TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE AFTER ALL!

By the way, I am not a hater of these fans, and I love Conchita's music, and I have not decided to go against these fans. I want to see how their era has ended. We have come together as one to be unstoppable and defeat the old unstoppables. I will carry on listening to Conchita's music, but will not look up her videos on YouTube, and will stick to other YouTubers. So this is how it will be for me, and I want to say thank you to Jamala, to Sergey Lazarv and his team, to Conchita for not carrying about these Russian people from 2015 onwards, and your 2014 girl has cared about the discrimation and to all of you for supporting Russia and Ukraine this year. That is what makes you #unstoppable, and not those people who booed for Russia last year.

So that's all, and hope everyone has a great day! (I'm totally gulity about my hate about these fans now TT.TT)
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I first came to Arashi in 2014, and decided that because I have a love of anime idols, I decided to do a female version of each member, and form them all in a group called Akashi (the preferred kanji I used is 明石, meaning Bright Stone). So here are the members. Their personal life is a bit different, and so are their personalities and hobbies.

Name: Ohno Satomi (大野智美)
Nicknames: Tomomi, Ohno-san, Riida, Captain (by Setsuna)
Age: 18
Birthday: January 26th
Member Color: Blue
Hometown: Mitaka, Tokyo
-Drawing (She especially likes to draw sea animals)
-Sleeping (Sometimes, when she gets bored)
Fave Animals: Cats and sea turtles (and maybe fishes XD)
Personality: Satomi cares for the other Akashi members, and loves them a lot. She gets interested in conversations at a late time, which makes her quiet at first, but then talkable (this especially comes when she is talking to either Kanade or Junko!). She appreciates that people call her talented because she is good at singing, dancing and drawing, but is very bad at playing music instruments, especially the piano. Her highest note is a B5 and she dances very well in ballet, hip-hop, jazz and salsa. She doesn't like being called leader, as she is not that leader-type.

Name: Sakurai Setsuna (樱井刹那)
Nicknames: Setsu-chan, Sakurai-san, Riida (by Satomi)
Age: 17
Birthday: April 25th
Member Color: Red
Hometown: Minato, Tokyo
-Playing sports (she especially likes soccer!)
-Learning English
-Writing (especially songs)
Fave Animals: Any kind of pet. However, she hates snakes!
Personality: Setsuna is well known as Akashi's rapper, and likes to do 'rap-writing' when she writes the rap of each song. She is also a leader-type, but Satomi often calls her Leader. Setsuna is very smart, and does well in her school tests, and likes studying a lot. She enjoys playing sports as well, which makes her a tomboy. Her fashion is quite interesting, as been said by the other members. She is also very talented in piano, and is also good in English, and likes talking to foreigners.

Name: Aiba Masayo (相葉雅代)
Nicknames: Aiba-chan, Aiba-san
Age: 17
Birthday: March 24th
Member Color: Green
Hometown: Chiba, Tokyo
-Creating games
-Exploring animals
Fave Animals: She likes every animal, except for tigers and kangaroos
Personality: Masayo is a energetic and very funny. She is sometimes a pervert but however likes creating fun and silly games! Her English is quite confusing, according to Setsuna, and often says Engurish quotes such as "Very very danger!" and "What's up? Yeah!". She often bounces around during concerts, which make the audience have a good time.

Name: Ninomiya Kanade (二宫奏)
Nicknames: Ninomiya-san, Kana (by Junko)
Age: 16
Birthday: July 17th
Member Color: Yellow
Hometown: Katsushika, Tokyo
-Playing the guitar and piano
-Video games
Fave Animals: She somehow likes puppies, because of their eyes being similar.
Personality: Kanade is a girl from a cheap family who often give her money, which she feels grateful about. She rarely leaves home during the weekends and plays video games instead, while Satomi taking good care of her. Kanade is the bully of the team, and likes to tease people, especially Masayo, and also likes to smirk, and is the stingiest member of the group. Kanade is been treated as the youngest, as she seems to have an aggressive and bratty side. Kanade is talented in playing the guitar, and often performs her solo songs in concerts, however she also performs with a piano. Like Satomi, she has a good voice.

Name: Matsumoto Junko (松本潤子)
Nicknames: MatsuJunko, Jun-chan (by Satomi)
Age: 16
Birthday: September 30th
Member Color: Purple
Hometown: Toshima, Tokyo
-Creating music
Fave Animals: She likes every animal, however hates insects for 'skincare reasons'
Personality: Junko is the fashionable member of the group. She is kind-hearted, aloof, and sensitive, and has good words of gratitude. Even though she is the youngest of the group, she is very protective of the members, much like her good friend Satomi, who she mostly cares for. She is also mischievous, and is somehow a tsundere. Her apperance is known to others as a 'natural beauty', and many people, including fans are crushing on her.

So that's all of them! What do you think of them?
My opinion is that they are all so cute!I ship Juntomi alot now currently, I mean, they are the female OC version of my OTP.

So this is all I have for today! Hope everyone has a great day!
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So hey guys, I want to you to help me on something. This is the final round of the auditions of my new animated mixed gender group called Storming 7. This is exciting because for this final round, I want you to vote on 7 idols you want to be in this group, out of 17 hopefuls. So here are the rules:
-Vote only in the comment section of this post
-You can only vote for 3 girls and 4 boys out of those 17 hopefuls
-You can say the reason why you voted for these guys. But they need to be appropriate, such as this example: I loved this guy because he has an awesome personality and his audition song fits him. He could be the band's 'front-man'.
-You can only vote until 1st of April, when I will announce the winners.
So, what are you waiting for? Let's get voting!:

Name: Aoi Yamamura (山村青い)
Nickname: Aoi-kun
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: A
Strong Point: His smirks and winks
Weak Point: Being fond of cute animals
Habit: Rubbing his nose
Special Skill: Imitating cats, unicycle
Hobbies: Basketball, badminton, texting, listening to music
Favorite color: Peach, red, blue
Scared of: Being in front of lighting
Favorite subject: Music, PE
Favorite word: Chikadzukitai~ (I want to get closer to it)
Favorite food: Umeboshi, hamburgers
Least favourite food: Wasabi
Favorite animal: Cats
Audition Song: Real Face by KAT-TUN
Charm Point: Eyes

Name: Arisa Kodama (児玉ありさ)
Nickname: Arisa-san, Koda-chan
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Origin: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Strong Point: Her soft giggle
Weak Point: Dancing sexily
Habit: Itching her hair
Special Skill: Playing guitar
Hobbies: Collecting cute things, singing, dancing
Favorite color: Light blue, orange, pink
Scared of: Snakes and bats
Favorite subject: Art, Music
Favorite word: Shirawase (Happiness)
Favorite food: Dumplings, hamburger curry
Least favorite food: Yogurt
Favorite animal: Puppies
Audition Song: Pyoko Pyoko Ultra by Morning Musume
Charm Point: Her smile

Fumito Muraki:
Name: Fumito Muraki (村木風海)
Nickname: Mitomito, Mura-san
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Origin: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: A
Strong Point: Being that energetic guy
Weak Point: Tripping at somehow every performance
Habit: His feet slips at almost every hour
Special Skill: Mathematics, basketball, playing the trumpet
Hobbies: Acting, playing basketball, studying, reading manga
Favorite color: Dark blue, violet, black
Scared of: Brave enough
Favorite subject: Drama, PE, Maths
Favorite sentence: Mae e (Go forward)
Favorite food: Cup ramen
Least favorite food: Raw food
Favorite animal: Peacocks
Audition Song: Deseo by Boys and Men
Charm Point: His hair

Fuu Motodaka
Name: Fuu Motodaka (元高颯)
Nickname: Fuu-chan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Origin: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: O
Strong Point: His dancing
Weak Point: Reaching out for something taller than him (because he’s short)
Habit: Being annoying for at least a minute
Special Skill: Breakdancing, Japanese
Hobbies: Video games, visiting pets, breakdancing, making music with a DJ website
Favorite color: Teal, green
Scared of: Reptiles
Favorite subject: PE, Japanese, Maths
Favorite word: Chikara (Strength)
Favorite food: Shredded kelp
Least favorite food: Sweet things
Favorite animal: Hamsters
Audition Song: A Day in Our Life by Arashi
Charm Point: His hair and eyes

Name: Haru Kasahara (笠原春)
Nickname: HaruHaru
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Origin: Nagano, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Strong Point: Her vocal range and her dance skills
Weak Point: Her drawing
Habit: Having anxiety
Special Skill: Dancing, singing, hula-hooping
Hobbies: Reading manga, listening to hip-hop music, soccer
Favorite color: Magenta, blue, white
Scared of: Someone scaring her
Favorite subject: Dance, Japanese, English
Favorite word: Egao (Smile)
Favorite food: Noodles
Least favorite food: Fish in soy sauce
Favorite animal: Dogs
Audition Song: Anata Nashi De Ikite Yukenai by Berryz Koubou
Charm Point: She didn’t have one

Name: Hokuto Kawasaki (川崎北斗)
Nickname: Hoku-chan, Kawa-kun
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Origin: Ibaraki, Japan
Blood Type: A
Strong Point: Winks, being cute
Weak Point: Imitation
Habit: Getting frustrated
Special Skill: Skateboarding, breakdancing, gymnastics, playing the electric guitar
Hobbies: Skateboarding, soccer, baseball, dancing, computer
Favorite color: Red, black
Scared of: Creepy memes
Favorite subject: Dance, PE, ICT
Favorite word: Genki (Energy)
Favorite food: Fried rice
Least favorite food: Sour candy
Favorite animal: Sharks and dogs
Audition Song: Wanna BEEE!! by Kis-My-Ft2
Charm Point: His eyes

Ibuki Amagase
Name: Ibuki Amagase (天ヶ瀬伊吹)
Nickname: Ibu-kun, IbuIbu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Origin: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Strong Point: Interesting girls with his cap-turns
Weak Point: Balancing
Habit: Slipping
Special Skill: Baseball, rapping, bike-riding
Hobbies: Video games, breakdancing (but is bad at it), eating
Favorite color: Green, black, blue, white
Scared of: Ghosts
Favorite subject: Dance, Cookery, PE
Favorite word: Akiramenai (Don’t give up)
Favorite food: Almost everything
Least favorite food: The only thing I hate is avocado
Favorite animal: Rhinoceros
Audition Song: Hip Hop Boogie by Sakurai Sho
Charm Point: His smile

Katsuki Takahashi
Name: Katsuki Takahashi (高橋香月)
Nickname: Katsu-kun
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
Blood Type: A
Strong Point: Being tuff
Weak Point: Being slightly pointy
Habit: He doesn’t have one
Special Skill: Martial arts, singing
Hobbies: Karate, texting, singing, dancing
Favorite color: Yellow, black, blue
Scared of: Nothing
Favorite subject: PE, History, Japanese
Favorite word: Kanji (Feeling)
Favorite food: Prawn dishes
Least favorite food: Udon
Favorite animal: Tigers, eagles
Audition Song: Love You Only by TOKIO
Charm Point: His hair

Kei Chino
Name: Kei Chino (千野系)
Nickname: Kei-kun
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Strong Point: Writing skills
Weak Point: Doing backflips
Habit: He can be distracted a bit by reading
Special Skill: Studying, calligraphy, performing arts
Hobbies: Singing, studying, writing, working on laptop
Favorite color: Black, sakura pink, blue
Scared of: Bears
Favorite subject: History, Japanese, Music
Favorite word: Subete (Everything)
Favorite food: Sushi
Least favorite food: Vegetable curry
Favorite animal: Cats, horses
Audition Song: Memories Melodies by IDOLiSH7
Charm Point: His smile

Megumi Taguchi:
Name: Megumi Taguchi (田口めぐみ)
Nickname: Megu-chan
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Origin: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: A-
Strong Point: Being on point
Weak Point: Being quiet
Habit: Can kick her feet while laughing
Special Skill: Texting, singing, geography
Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, reading manga
Favorite color: Red, black, ocean blue
Scared of: Wild creatures
Favorite subject: Music, because music is her life
Favorite word: Ongaku (Music)
Favorite food: Cakes
Least favorite food: Green onion
Favorite animal: Cats, horses
Audition Song: Seeds of Dream by GIRL NEXT DOOR
Charm Point: She doesn’t have one

Name: Meimi Otsuka (大塚芽実)
Nickname: Meimei
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: O
Strong Point: Being extremely careful with things
Weak Point: Being shy
Habit: Cannot laugh when people expect her to
Special Skill: Dancing (especially ballet and hip-hop)
Hobbies: Dancing, listening to music, trampolining
Favorite color: Blue, cyan, white
Scared of: Scary movies
Favorite subject: Dance, PE, History
Favorite word: Geijutsu-teki (Artistic)
Favorite food: Citrus sweets
Least favorite food: Salad
Favorite animal: Dolphins, dogs
Audition Song: Only You by Morning Musume
Charm Point: Her eyes

Naomi Sayashi:
Name: Naomi Sayashi (鞘師直美)
Nickname: Naomi-chan
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: A
Strong Point: Impressing men with her sexiness
Weak Point: Being cute
Habit: Fidgeting
Special Skill: Acting, cooking
Hobbies: Fan dancing, singing, making food for her family
Favorite color: Blue, red, green
Scared of: Thunder
Favourite subject: Japanese, Music
Favorite word: Heiwa (Peace)
Favorite food: Sukiyaki
Least favourite food: Tonkatsu
Favorite animal: Shiba inus, butterflies
Audition Song: Juunen no Sakura by AKB48
Charm Point: Her smile

Taiga Matsumoto:
Name: Taiga Matsumoto (松本対岸)
Nickname: Taiga-kun
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Strong Point: Being impressive of his tallness
Weak Point: Being a quitter
Habit: Rubbing his long legs
Special Skill: Basketball, singing
Hobbies: Singing, studying, basketball, soccer
Favorite color: Black, red, blue
Scared of: Rain
Favourite subject: PE, History
Favorite sentence: Senotakaidesu! (I’m tall!)
Favorite food: Tomato soup
Least favourite food: Salty licorice
Favorite animal: Giraffes, dogs
Audition Song: Weekender by Hey! Say! Jump!
Charm Point: His body

Name: Tsukasa Yonemura (米村司)
Nickname: Tsukasa-chan
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: O
Strong Point: Being shy and cute
Weak Point: Being angry
Habit: When she gets scared, she rubs her arms together to calm down
Special Skill: Singing, dancing
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, playing on her scooter
Favorite color: Orange, yellow, sea blue
Scared of: Performances
Favourite subject: Music, Maths
Favorite word: Utau (Sing)
Favorite food: Dumplings
Least favourite food: Lettuce
Favorite animal: Hamsters, kittens
Audition Song: Yumemiru Fifteen by S/mileage
Charm Point: Her cute eyes

Wataru Okamoto
Name: Wataru Okamoto (岡本渡)
Nickname: Okamo-chan
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Origin: Chiba, Japan
Blood Type: A
Strong Point: His smartness
Weak Point: Being cute
Habit: Flicking someone’s glasses to let him/her pay attention
Special Skill: Science trivia, breakdancing, drawing manga
Hobbies: Studying (mostly science), dancing, drawing
Favorite color: Grey, cyan
Scared of: Nothing
Favourite subject: Science, Art
Favorite word: Ai (Love)
Favorite food: Anything spicy
Least favourite food: Sashimi
Favorite animal: Lions, whales
Audition Song: Take Me Higher by V6
Charm Point: He doesn't have one

Name: Yoriko Funaki (船木頼子)
Nickname: Yori-san
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Origin: Osaka, Japan
Blood Type: A
Strong Point: Her speaking skills
Weak Point: Dancing sexily
Habit: Annoying people
Special Skill: Languages, geography, singing
Hobbies: Singing, speaking in different languages, studying
Favorite color: Pink
Scared of: Snakes and bats
Favourite subject: Languages, Geography, Music
Favorite word: Sekai (World)
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Least favourite food: White rice
Favorite animal: Dogs, cats, rabbits
Audition Song: Koi Dorobu by Country Girls
Charm Point: Her smile

Name: Yuri Momohime (桃姫ゆり)
Nickname: Yuyu-chan, Momo-sama
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Origin: Aichi, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Strong Point: Imitating people
Weak Point: Being annoying
Habit: She doesn’t have one
Special Skill: Singing, volleyball, playing piano
Hobbies: Singing, playing and creating music, playing sports
Favorite color: Warm colors
Scared of: Guys with scary faces
Favourite subject: Music, PE
Favorite word: Kibou (Hope)
Favorite food: Sweet things
Least favourite food: Jasmine tea
Favorite animal: Insects
Audition Song: Jewel Song by BoA
Charm Point: Her smile

So yep, vote on your favorites, and remember the rules of this voting!
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Today I'm going to do the start of an Arashi contest that I am planning to do, which is a fashion contest! So the structure is you pick some clothes for each Arashi member and I'll pick the best for each member and the winner which is the best. The winner will be sketched by me!
-Do all five of Arashi members
-Do only a collage of each of their clothes and accessories together in one page.
(Look at this for inspiration (this is for a Disney princess contest)):

-And it has to be a collection of clothes that the members haven't wear, so no song/concert clothes, magazine covers/pages or the mannequins from Himitsu no Arashi-chan.

So yeah, since this is the first time I'm doing this, I'm going to go with two rounds instead of one! I will choose the best of each member within those two rounds, but there will be the best of each round, so there will be two winners!

The first round is a fashion collection for if Arashi were girls, so I want you to think of what will they look like if they were the opposite sex. What are they going to wear as their casual clothing? What will their accessories look like?
(Bonus)- do a collage version of all five of them in one of their concert outfits or song outfits in a girly version, but please say the name of the song so we can know.
Due date: 12th of March

The second and last round is a fashion collection for your favourite solo of each member, so I want you to think of what would you like to wear for them if they perform it next time. The song has to fit the theme of the solo you chosen for each member, so please choose wisely, because I'll ask some questions based on that....
Due date: 19th of March

How do you post it?: You will post both of them in a post of yours or post one by one, saying this is Round One or Round Two. Please friend me if you are a not a friend of me in LJ so I will friend you back and look at your post(s) for the contest!

So yep, good luck, have fun and sayonara! ZOOM!


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